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L.C.V.P. 2017/2018


{Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme}

2017 ~ 2018 L.C.V.P. Team 
Co-ordinator : Mr. Tommy Earls

Ms. Alaine Behan, Ms. Olivia Doherty, Ms. Brídín Doyle, Mr. Tommy Earls & Ms. Mairéad Roberts

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (L.C.V.P.), which is recognised by IBEC and rewards students with additional certification in their Leaving Certificates, was introduced into this school for Fifth Years in September 1994. One hundred and eleven students (5th Year – 57 & 6th Year – 54) who are eligible, ie. with the combination of subjects required, are taking the programme this year. In addition to the normal subject work, they must keep detailed records of project work (on modules or other) and recorded and evaluated work placement during the summer. L.C.V.P. includes modules in Enterprise Education and Preparation for the World of Work.

As L.C.V.P. is supported by the Business and Employers Federation, it is of obvious benefit to students when entering the workplace. Its status has been enhanced in recent years by the awarding of college points by the Institutes of Technology and the Universities.

In the past 23 years  L.C.V.P. students have contributed much to the life of the school through their projects, e.g. running a ‘Healthy Eating Campaign’ through posters and information and selling ‘healthy food’ to 1st Years at lunchtimes. In recent years, they conducted an Anti-Smoking Campaign and many areas in the school were livened up with colourful displays and posters which certainly got their message across! Anyone coming into the school was met with slogans … “Give up the Habit – Don’t be Stupid – Stop & Think’ or “FCJ Students – Smoking is Addictive”. The displays were also very informative about the colossal amounts of money made by Tobacco Companies and the tactics used to entice young people to smoke. They presented data confirming that smoking kills more people per year than Breast Cancer, Aids, Traffic Accidents & Drug Addiction combined!  In previous years L.C.V.P. students have organised many and varied events as part of their programme:

–  A ‘Run for Fun’ to promote good school spirit among 1st & 2nd Year students
–  Made and sold ice cream for charity
–  ‘Clean-up’ competition for 1st years
–  ‘Environmental Week’ and Litter Campaign – “It’s our space – Keep it tidy!”
–  Books for Africa for Bothar
–  Sold sweets at lunchtime and gave the profits to Crumlin Hospital
–  They’ve made Calendars, sold F.C.J. Bags and had a Battle of the Bands
–  A 24 hour Fast was held and a Clothes Bank organised to raise money for the National Association for the Blind
–  Doughnuts were made and sold to raise money for Chinese Orphanages


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