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Celebrating Difference in Our School

Anti-Bullying Week  :::   May 18th—22nd 2015

On the Monday the Principal, Ms. Frances Threadgold, addressed the whole school on the theme and all teachers showed students a PowerPoint presentation on bullying.   On Tuesday, at 10 am. each Form Teacher showed their class a PowerPoint on celebrities who have recovered from bullying.  During the End of Year Mass on Wednesday, May 20th, the whole school renewed our Anti-Bullying Pledge.  Finally, on Friday we had “Be Yourself” Day when students wore whatever clothes they liked to school.   There were fantastic posters around the school and outstanding poetry and essays were created on the theme of Celebrating Difference in Our School.


                     The I.S.P.C.C. Blue Shield Flag recently awarded to our school for our Anti-Bullying                        programme – the first time the flag was awarded to a second level school.

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