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Holding Cross

In May 2015 we were privileged to receive 135 Holding Crosses from a student in Mount St. Charles Academy R.I. – one for each of our graduating 6th Years.   The Crosses were made by Matt Piedmonte who visited us in April with the Mount Band and FCJ 2015 is marked on them.

The holding Cross is an individually made cross designed to fit into the palm of the hand comfortably during prayer. The constant presence of the cross in your hand, or where you can touch it, is both an invitation to prayer and a reminder of God’s continued presence with us wherever we are, or whatever situation we are in. The crosses are made from a range of woods and no two ever look alike because they are hand made.   Every cross is blessed before it is sent to a recipient.

Included with each Cross was this message from Matt:                                                                                                                   This Cross is given with the hope and faith that F.C.J. School has not only prepared you academically but has also instilled a strong spiritual presence to be treasured and shared throughout your life.

The Holding Cross doesn’t have any type of finish on it.   It is made of wood, which was sanded for smoothness.   Here are some ways in which you can use the Holding Cross:

  • When you pray, you simply hold the cross in the palm of your hand
  • When you are going through a difficult time in your life, you can hold the Cross to remind you that you are not alone
  • You can share or maybe even give a Cross to someone
  • A woman who is going to give birth.   During labour and delivery she can hold the cross, maybe even give the cross to the child
  • A person making their Confirmation or First Communion
  • A couple getting married  
  • A person who received news about a life changing illness.
  • A person deployed overseas – a reminder of prayers from home
  • An elderly person

Please accept this Holding Cross because you are someone special.   May it bring you a blessed life.   God Bless!

From:  Matt Piedmonte, Massachusetts, USA.”


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