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Aidan II went to the Seal Rescue Centre at Courtown Harbour on the 28th of April. They were taken on a tour around the sanctuary and were introduced to the seals. They learnt about the equipment  used to treat the seals after they are found away from their natural habitat and were given information by the leaders about the seals.    Many of the seals there were on the road to recovery and would soon be released back into the area where they were first found.   In fact, a very large crowd watched three of the seals being released into the sea recently.   Student, John O’Neill, made a presentation to the Seal Sanctuary and gave a class donation of fifty-six euros.  The class adopted a seal called Chubaca.

Did you know ?

¨ Seals have 30-40 teeth and have a dangerous bacteria in their saliva which they spread by biting with their teeth.

¨ Seals’ whiskers are made of the same material as your fingernails which they use to sense vibrations because they are colour blind.

¨ Grey and common seals are members of the Phocidae family also known as the “True Seals” because they don’t have external ears.


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