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All 1st years set off on Monday, April 3rd, for the National Heritage Park outside Wexford town. It is an outdoor museum depicting 9,000 years of re-created History with natural forestry and wet woodlands. The park gives students an opportunity to take learning outside the classroom. The students engaged wholeheartedly with their guides because they already have an excellent knowledge of the historic period in question as it is an integral part of the 1st year syllabus. 

The visit was rounded off with lunch in the park itself, and shelter from the rain which had begun to fall just as we neared the end of our journey through time. The students wish to thank their interesting and costumed guides, and the staff and teachers who accompanied them; Ms. Hudson, Ms. Lawlor, Ms. O’Hara, Ms. Grufferty, Ms. Finn, Ms. O’Neill and Mr. Fitzgibbon. 



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