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Our Bands’ End of Year Concert was unusual in many ways this year, especially as it took place in Carlow!   The Intermediate & Senior Bands joined with the Carlow Youth Orchestra for “An Afternoon at the Movies”, which was held in Askea Church, Carlow, on the afternoon of May 14th, with the proceeds going to the Askea Day Care Centre.

The Carlow Youth Orchestra is attached to the Carlow College of Music and has all the instruments, including violins, cellos, etc. of an orchestra.   On the other hand, the Bunclody school bands do not play stringed instruments as the members only begin to learn flute, clarinet, saxes, brass, percussion, etc. in 1st year, which is far too late to begin to learn stringed instruments.    Therefore, the director of music in Carlow, Ms. Majella Swan, and FCJ’s, Mr. Dale Hennessy, decided it would be a great opportunity for the two bands to get together and experience playing in a much expanded orchestra.

Both groups played on their own and then joined together for a wonderful finale which received a standing ovation.   The large audience of families and friends thoroughly enjoyed the concert and all the players did too.

The FCJ Bands held a Music Marathon on the previous Sunday to rehearse for the Carlow concert and to raise money for new music scores, which are very expensive, the expansion of the percussion section, investment in new stands and flight cases and the upkeep and repair of instruments.  



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