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1861      On August 10, 1861, five days after the arrival of the FCJ’s in Bunclody, a notice appeared in “The People” newspaper announcing the Sisters intention of opening a Boarding School… “to afford to parents an opportunity of giving to their children a good religious education”.   The Sisters also “took charge of the small National School close by, where they taught the girls in an upper room, while a master taught the boys in the lower”.

1865      School records of 1865 give the following numbers of students:  Boarders: 39 – Day Pupils : 15 – Primary School : 120

1866      The first of many extensions – a dormitory – was built

1883      The existing National School was completely renovated and the new building was handed over to the nuns for the education of girls only.

1894      During this year a Refectory, Study Hall and Dormitory were built.

1898      A further extension, comprising a Lady Chapel, Junior Study and Linen Room was completed.

1906      Changing curriculum needs required the building of a Science Laboratory, Art Room & Domestic Science Kitchen

1909      Recreation Rooms, Music Rooms and Dormitories were built.


1953      A new stairway and cloakrooms were added to the National School.

1964      A Concert Hall, locker rooms & classroom were built for the Secondary School.

1969      When Free Education was introduced in 1969 there was a marked increase in enrolment with boys attending the Secondary School for the first time. A RohFab building (St. Bridgid’s) was erected and added classrooms, a cloakroom, Science Laboratory and Art Room to the School. The Department of Education gave a 75% grant towards this building in 1969. The first time in the history of the school that a grant was received for building.

1975      The F.C.J. Girls’ N.S. amalgamated with the local Boys School and F.C.J. Sisters joined the staff in the new school, Our Lady of Lourdes N.S. The old school was demolished.

With student enrolment increasing annually:    1961: 135 Students;  1971: 262 Students;  1981: 540 Students additional accommodation became a priority at the end of the 1970’s. Ten prefabricated classrooms were provided with the aid of a Department grant and F.C.J. Community resources.

1986      The red brick building opened (St. Patrick’s), providing Classrooms, Cloakrooms, Offices & Staff room, Biology & Physics Laboratories, Sports Hall, Language Laboratory, Art Room, Library and Domestic Science Kitchen & Sewing Room.

In June 1986 the boarding school closed after 125 years and the dormitories, refectory, etc. were converted for school use.

1998      Construction Studies & Engineering Rooms (St. Aidan’s) were erected in 1998, funded by the F.C.J. Order.

2001       Tenders were accepted in October 2001 for a new extension to replace the Boarding School Building. (St. Victoire’s opened in early 2003)

2003       The Boarding School Building was demolished to make way for a new extension, The d’Houët Building, which was funded by the F.C.J.’s, opened in November 2003.

2005       New Basketball/Tennis Courts, funded by the F.C.J. Order, were provided and the Library was converted to Music Tuition rooms, an office and resource room. The Library is now located in Room 46 in the d’Houët Building.

2007       The Home Economics Kitchen & Room 68 were refurbished in the summer of 2007. The kitchen (Room 24 – St. Patrick’s), in use since 1986, needed modernising and replacement /renovation of fittings and furniture. Room 68 (St. Victoire’s) was only built in 2002, but had to be updated to cater for the new L.C. subject, “Design & Communications Graphics”, which has replaced Technical Drawing. Much of the work in this subject is done on computers so the drawing desks, etc. have been replaced by computer work stations.

2008       In the school’s 147th year, the first lay principal was appointed.

2009       In September 2009 the school entered the Le Chéile Trust

2010       Replacement of all external single glazed doors, windows with PVC aluminium double glazed windows and doors to 1969 building and all roof lights

2011       A new classroom was built at the side of St. Patrick’s Building, this incorporated Room 8 and the Games store, which were replaced elsewhere. An office for the Learning Support teacher was built adjacent to the new room and another girls’ changing room provided on the mezzanine of the Gym. Also, the Boiler system was upgraded and the controls centralised. In the autumn a new Science Laboratory was completed adjacent to the M.T. Wood room at the back of St.Victoires.

2011-2012   During this year we celebrated 150 years of F.C.J. education in Bunclody.

2012   Lockers for students were re-introduced;  ePortal was provided throughout the school and we changed to the system of teachers working from their own classroom.

2013   Ramps were provided down the right side of the school buildings to increase safety for students.   The Gym floor was re-surfaced.

2014   Much needed locker space was provided in St. Bridget’s Building and the whole school was painted.

2015   In September 2015, for the first time in the history of the school, our 1st Years were divided into six classes due to much increased enrolment.   The new class is named Marie I, which was one of the names of the F.C.J. Foundress, The Venerable Marie Madeleine d’Houet.   Since school re-opened the DES has granted permission for four classrooms to be built to replace the St. Bridget’s prefabs.

2016   Soon after the beginning of the new school year work commenced on the building of the four new classrooms – two attached to the d’Houët Building and two joined to the St. Victoire Building.   Again there are six classes in 1st year, giving the highest enrolment the school has had, i.e. 864 students.

2017  In April 2017 teachers and students moved into the four new classrooms and the final four prefab rooms which were there since the early 1970’s were demolished.    The building work also included the enlargement of the female staff toilets and new male staff toilets and a disabled toilet have been provided;  the 2nd, 3rd & 5th Year Boys toilets have been renovated;  a wheelchair ramp has been put in place at the St. Patrick’s Building entrance opposite The d’Houët Building and during the summer the study Hall in the d’Houët Building has been divided into two classrooms – the Concert Hall will be used as a Study Hall in future.   Also a new Outdoor Gym has been installed beside the All-Weather Pitch and improvements have been made to the front of the school to make it safer for students arriving and leaving the campus.     Following a government decision last year to give a second Deputy Principal to schools with more than 700 students, Ms. Una Osborne has been appointed as the second D.P. in our school.  Again there are six classes in 1st year, giving the highest enrolment the school has had, i.e. 902 students.    In October the new School Library was opened in the Convent Buildings – See details under Information/Library.

2018   Due to the continuing rise in the number of students in our school i.e. over 900, Mr. Tomás Earls, was appointed as the third D.P.   Again there are six classes in 1st year, giving the the highest enrolment the school has had since it’s foundation in 1861, i.e. 927 students, 



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