-We have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and events in FCJ Bunclody, which range from competitive and recreational sports, to musicals, orchestra, coding, community projects and more. When considering our programmes and activities, we make every effort to cater for the non-academic interests of our students and teachers. In September 2021-2022 we were delighted to be able to carefully begin to re-introduce extra-curricular activities in our school, in a safe and responsible manner. With competitive GAA teams leaving the school for championship games, and the basketball and equestrian teams competing in mid-October, we are well on the way to getting sports fully up and running once again.

We also saw the return of the school musical in October 2022 upon the lifting of restrictions on indoor gatherings, as well as the return to rehearsals for the school orchestras.

On Thursday 14th October ’21 the school also had the award ceremony for its third Green Schools Flag: Water. Green Schools is just one of the many extra-curricular teams and committees that students can volunteer to join in our school, and is always a rewarding and educational venture!

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Extra-Curricular Activities & Programmes in FCJ Include:

Team Sports

Gaelic Football

Hurling & Camogie


Music & Arts

Biennial School Musical

Junior Orchestra

Senior Orchestra

Trad Group

Other Areas of Interest

Green Schools

Active Schools

Student Council