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Pastoral Care

Under the Pastoral Care system, which operates in the school, each Year Group is assigned a Dean and each Class has a Form Teacher who is responsible for that class in a special way.   The Form Teachers, along with the Deans, take an interest in each individual student with particular regard to their personal difficulties.

Since the school has increased rapidly in numbers over the last few years there is a growing need to ensure that we maintain contact with each one of our students and their parents.   Therefore, each Dean of Year has a specific time each day when he or she is available for students and parents (telephone calls and appointments).

There are many organised opportunities available during the school year for parents to visit the school. There are various meetings, exhibitions, displays, concerts, lectures and talks each year.  On a more formal note there are the parent/teacher meetings where the academic progress of the student is discussed.

Each year we have Meetings to discuss Senior Cycle Options, Subject Choices, Transition Year and 3rd Level alternatives; The 1st Year Dean, Form Teachers and Guidance Counsellor meet with the parents of each 1st Year class during the first term to ensure that new students fully benefit from what the school offers, to exchange ideas and to discuss matters which may be of concern to them, e.g. studies, procedures, etc.

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