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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

F.C.J. Secondary School Bunclody is an inclusive school catering for a wide variety of pupils with Special Educational Needs.  Pupils with SEN account for 15% of our student body.    We cater for all types of SEN – high and low incidence. Our SEN profile covers a wide range, e.g. Physical difficulties, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Mild General learning difficulty, Speech and Language difficulties (expressive and receptive), Hearing Impairment,  Visual Impairment, ADD, ADHD and  Autistic  Spectrum Disorders.


We have the following supports in place  to assist our pupils with SEN

1.     Small groups for Maths and English

2.     Learning Support groups during Irish & French classes for those with exemptions to support literacy & numeracy

3.     Nurture Group for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders to support social skills

4.    One to One support for those who need assistance with literacy, numeracy, social skills, anxiety  management, behaviour management,  organisation etc. on a more individual level

5.    After school support with homework and study.

6.   There is a nurture group to assist pupils with social skills and anxiety management.

7.   A speech and language group assists students with speech and language difficulties.

8.   Life Skills Class

9.   A Transition Booklet has been implemented for SEN

10.  The Guidance Department has implemented Friends Youth – a resilience programme for all 1st years


 The SEN department will support  pupils in the following ways:

Comprehension – focus on each aspect of comprehension (summarising, prediction, similarities and differences, meaning of words, concluding etc) until pupils can apply this to everyday situations and other subject areas.

Language Development – develop idiom understanding and use, semantic association, discussion and debate.

Reading – continued support in decoding of words, paired reading, Library visits to encourage silent reading, Accelerate Read, Accelerate Write programme to improve phonics and blends to improve fluency in reading.

Writing– support in descriptive writing, improving content, structure, grammar and spelling (use of SNIP programme to improve spelling and expose to keywords and practise with using keywords).

Exam Technique – support in study plans, memory techniques, understanding keyword in questions and structuring answers to exam questions.

Project work – Support with projects that are literacy based such as Design Briefs for practical subjects (Wood, Technology etc), LCVP, Religion & CSPE journals; Science experiments & TY Projects.

Social Skills- support in forming friendships, starting and maintaining conversations; the Nurture Group supports discussion of difficulties pupils encounter with peer groups, showing and discussing the socially accepted rules that cause difficulties for pupils and trying to give pupils confidence to use what they learn to help them in the social situations they meet in everyday life .


The Learning Support Department has a designated room in the d’Houët Building.

Resources in the room include :

  • Computers to support students in individual tasks in literacy and numeracy
  • a discussion table for language development and group work,
  • a digital interactive board,
  • extensive in-class library with graded readers and
  • Internet access.

 Special Needs Students and Careers

 DARE: Disability Access Route To College

Many of our students are placed in 3rd level colleges through this scheme.     Students have been placed in the University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology (D.I.T.), Carlow Institute of Technology, National College of Art & Design (N.C.A.D.) etc.     Other special needs students who did not apply through the CAO have gone on to study courses such as  Agriculture in Kildalton Agricultural College.

Some are currently studying Post Leaving Courses (PLCs) to gain admittance to college in 2018.


SEN Co-ordinator :     Ms. Louise Kenny

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