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Suspension & Expulsion Policy

Students of F.C.J. may be suspended for the following reasons:-

1. Serious misbehaviour.
2. An unacceptable level of repeated misdemeanours/challenging behaviour or persistent disregarding of normal classroom expectation, that prevents quality teaching and learning in class.
3. Insolence to a member of staff
4. Fighting, bullying, insulting, aggressive threatening language or behaviour towards others in school.
5. Misbehaviour on school Field Trips, Tours, outside activities, Exchanges.
6. Supplying/possessing/or using alcohol or illegal drugs.
7. Supplying/possessing/or using weapons/dangerous materials/substances.
8. Behaviour that may be a danger to self or others, under the terms of the Health and Safety Act 1989.
9. Racist behaviour that is contrary to the terms of the Equal Status Act 2000.
10. Sexual harassment and/or the possession/supply/use of pornographic material.


After a full investigation, the Dean will go to the Principal to discuss the investigation and the
outcome. A decision will be made by the Principal. If suspension is deemed appropriate, the parents
will be informed that an investigation has been carried out and that suspension will be the outcome.
Parents may request a meeting with the Principal and the Dean to discuss/clarify the issues further.

1. As well as the Dean of Year telephoning the parents, the Principal will notify them in writing
of the decision to suspend. The letter to the parent confirms: the period of the suspension the reasons for the suspension the arrangements for returning to school, including any commitments to be entered into by the student and the parents the provision for an appeal to the Board of Management the right to appeal to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science (Education Act 1998, section 29) (where this provision applies).
2. Parents have the right to appeal to the Board of Management
3. The Educational Welfare Officer to be informed when
A) The suspension is more than six days. B) Where the total number of days in any school year is in excess of 20 days

4. The suspension to be communicated to staff as soon as possible
5. The student to be informed of her/his suspension in the presence of Senior management
where necessary.

In-school suspension will be imposed for such serious misbehaviour as mitching from school, persistent misbehaviour in spite of interventions including communication with parents.
1. Parents will be notified by phone, followed by a formal letter home
2. Parents have the right to appeal to the Board of Management

Immediate suspension

In the case of an immediate suspension, parents are notified, and arrangements made with them for the student to be collected. The school will have regard to its duty of care for the student.


In F.C.J. Secondary School, Bunclody, expulsion is considered when every reasonable effort at
rehabilitation has failed and every other sanction has been exhausted except as outlined below.
When an act of gross misconduct occurs, expulsion may be necessary to protect the safety and
rights of others in the school without recourse to the provisions outlined above. The principles of
natural justice and fair procedure will continue to apply.

The procedure to be followed prior to a student being expelled from the school is as follows:
1. Where expulsion may be the outcome of a breach of the behaviour policy, the Principal,
Deputy Principal and/or Dean of Year may conduct an investigation into any reported
misbehaviour or breach of school rules.
2. The school affirms that a student or students may be suspended temporarily pending a
full hearing of the case provided this does not interfere with the said student’s statutory rights
or with the principles of natural justice and fair procedure.
3. During the course of any investigation, all relevant persons shall be interviewed and notes
shall be taken of any such interviews.
4. The Principal shall invite the parents/guardian of the student concerned to the school
(or the student if she/he has reached the age of 18 years) to inform and discuss the allegation.
5. The Principal may, at her/his discretion, call an emergency meeting of the Board of
Management and recommend that the student be suspended pending a full hearing if the
investigation is likely to take a lengthy period of time.
6. The Principal shall notify the parents/guardians of the student concerned and the Education
Welfare officer, of their right to be heard before the Board of Management and of their right
to appropriate representation concerning the matter in hand which may lead to expulsion.
7. The Board of Management may make a decision to recommend expulsion and then notify in
writing the parents/guardians of the student concerned and the Education Welfare officer.
Where appropriate copies of notes taken of statements students made in the course of the
investigation should be forwarded to parents/guardians and the Education Welfare officer.
The details of the appeals procedure will be forwarded with this letter of expulsion.

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