Annual School Fundraiser – May 2022

Please see details below for this year’s revamped and rejuvenated school fundraiser, which replaces what became traditional known as the ‘Games Fund Draw’.

Euro Millions Lotto Syndicate

We are appealing for your support for our latest fundraising initiative, for May 2022. Last year’s very successful GoFundMe campaign raised money for equipment for our new Sports Hall, so now it is time to move outdoors! This year, we are hoping to raise money to put towards the installation of floodlights on our new AstroTurf Pitch and Hurling Wall Area.

This final step in the overall sports complex project, will allow our students to train on-campus after school in the winter months, and will make the facility an even more valuable amenity for sports clubs and groups in our community.  We intend to soon finish the remaining tidying up work on the new surface, and hope to install brand new fencing to the sports complex making use of recent Sports Capital funding that has been approved in principle for this specific purpose – but that is where the current grant funding and funds of the bicentenary gift will finish.

With the overall project well on the way to completion (including the new Sports Hall, the AstroTurf surface with pitches and running lanes, as well as in front of the Hurling/Ball Wall, work done to revamp the tarmac basketball/tennis courts almost complete, and new goals on both the artificial and grass pitches), we feel that installing floodlights around the perimeter of the area, would not only make it a more complete and comprehensive project, but also a more beneficial one for all.

Please note, that planning permission has been sought and approved for the installation of the proposed lights as a part of the overall scope of work for the project – and is in keeping with the tree levels, line of view, etc., in the vicinity.

In light of the generosity of previous campaigns, this year, we do hope to be able to give you something in return! We are asking you to contribute €50 (plus an admin fee of €1.20) and in return we will enter 10 lines with plus in 104 Euromillions draws on behalf of all paid up members. This means you could potentially win a share of a jackpot of up to €230 Million!! (Please see our fundraiser rules which explains how any prize money will be distributed). The cost to you as an individual, of purchasing 10 lines for 104 draws would be €3,640 – whereas by supporting this fundraiser you get the same opportunity for just the €50 cost of your one-time entry fee! An added bonus is that by playing the lotto you are also contributing to other good causes outside of our own.

If you wish to be part of our syndicate and support our fundraiser (or to see more information on the terms of entry), please click on the link below to view the fundraiser rules and to sign up and submit payment. A limited number of tickets are available, so enter quickly in order to secure your spot on the syndicate.

We would also be grateful if you would share this page/fundraiser information with family and friends – as always, your support and generosity is so greatly appreciated.