FCJ has a very active Webwise committee, with student ambassadors and youth panelists taking part in local and national initiatives for a number of years. This year, the committee did not allow remote learning get in the way of another meaningful and proactive campaign, and instead used this year’s Safer Internet Day to reach out to students, teachers, and parents once again, offering advice, support, and information on managing your online wellbeing.

You can watch two of the videos that the team put together this year, the first which outlines and discusses much of the Webwise literature for parents, and the second, a video offering thank you messages to teachers as we approach the break in this session of remote learning at the February mid-term.


Here, you can also finds link to the the Webwise site where you can watch videos, find out about supports available, and read all the various Webwise youth campaigns including The Full Picture, Connected, BeInCtrl, Forever, and Up2Us, all with their own resources and stories.