Bereavement and Grief

Many of us have suffered loss of a loved one during this pandemic and before. Losses of parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, colleagues, and friends.

In recent days, our school community has lost a beloved student. Our school community is diminished by that loss. Grief and sadness come with such a terrible loss.

Although our lives have been diminished by these losses, our lives have also been enriched by their presence when they were with us.

As we go through life, whether we are young, not so young or old, we learn that death is part of living. And no matter how difficult that is for us it is a lesson in acceptance.

We remember our loved ones. Those who were close to us we will never forget, many of whom made our world a better place.

When a young person dies it is so much more difficult to accept because it seems to go against Nature. That person had their whole lives ahead of them but never got the chance to live it.

We will never understand the reasons.
May all our loved ones, rest in peace.

Eileen Murray

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Please use the links below to find help to guide you in times of grief:

HSE – Bereavement & Loss

Spunout: Getting Help

Spunout: Grief During COVID-19

Spunout: Advice – Dealing with Grief

3Ts: Need Help – Bereavement Support

Citizens Information: Bereavement Counselling & Support

Pieta: Bereavement Support

Support Helplines:

Hospice Foundation: 1800 80 70 77

Samaritans: 116 123

Childline: 1800 666 666

Pieta House: 1800 247 247

Text About It: text HELLO to 50808 to start a free, anonymous conversation (24/7 messaging service providing everything from a calming chat to immediate support. 50808 provides a safe space where you’re listened to by a trained Volunteer)

“Snowdrops and candles soothed the bedside.”

Seamus Heaney